7 Best Room Heater for Winter in India Reviews!

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The 7 Best Room Heater for Winter in India Reviews | Best Room Heater Blower

Home Sweet Home, you heard this phrase, right? 

During winter all we want is to cuddle with our warm and soft blankets or quilt. But the truth is that you have to work, get up from your warm and cozy bed to do things. 

And I’m sure, you all are like, ahh! Can’t someone do it on my behalf? 

Well, obviously you can make your cold and freeze home all warm and cozy, by simply buying the best room heater for winter in India. So based on the features and experience, I think Havells 13 Fin – Oil Filled Room Heater is the best choice. Even I recommended this in my top oil-filled room heater blog also.

Now let’s start with the best room heater for winter in India. 

7 Best Room Heater For Winter in India Reviews!

PreviewRoom HeaterRatingBuy Link
WHITE ORPAT ROOM HEATER1. White Orpat Room Heater
– Best Budget
4.1/5Check Price
Havells OFR - 13Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater2. Havells OFR – PTC Fan Heater
– Best Overall
4.3/5Check Price
Bajaj Room Heater Majesty Heat Convector2. Bajaj Room Heater Majesty 4.0/5Check Price
Havells Cista Room Heater3. Havells Room Heater Cista3.9/5Check Price
Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection4. Usha Room Heater Quartz3.8/5Check Price
2000W Quite Performance Room Heater Blower Heat Convector Portable fan5. Quite Performance Room Blower3.8/5Check Price
Glen 7016 Halogen Room Heater 1200 watt6. Glen Room Heater Halogen3.4/5Check Price

1. White Orpat Room Heater OEH-1220

  • Model no: OEH-1220
  • Product dimension: 23 x 11 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 1.07 kg
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Heating method: Conviction

White Orpat is safe to use as it includes overheat protection, hence the inner part of your heater remains safe. Then comes another feature, that is 2 heat setting knob which allows you to set the temperature accordingly.

Not only this but now there is no need to set the angle, as it has an auto-revolving feature. So, far White Orpat is offering the ideal features but you can buy a heater with fewer watts like Usha and Glen.


  • Enable you to set the temperature 
  • Safe and secure as it has to overheat protection
  • Ideal to heat the complete room for additional time 
  • The Auto-revolving heater allows the heater to warm the room


  • It is a fan heater so a bit of creating noise

Check Price On Amazon

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2. Havells OFR – 13Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater

Havells OFR - 13Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater
  • Model no: OFR-13 Fin
  • Product dimensions: 66 x 17 x 69 cm
  • Weight: 18.76 kgs
  • Power: 1000W, 1500W and 2500W
  • Warranty: 1 year

It is an oil based room heater unlike the traditional that we used to see in every home. This will cost you more than any of the above mentioned heater. But it has it own benefits.

As we all are aware of the goodwill of the Havells, and indeed it is ideal. If I have to talk about its features then, I would start with the overheat safety protection feature. This conserves the room heater from being damaged easily.

Not only this, but you can set the temperature accordingly in 3 distinct modes. For that, it uses thermostat room heat control. As a result, you will able to conserve energy too. Hence, less electricity bill.


  • One of the best oil filled room heater
  • Includes a fan to disperse the air
  • Saves energy as it has thermostat heat control
  • Overheat protection to prevent the heater from damage
  • Includes portable wheels which no above product has
  • Elegant look
  • 3 distinct power setting
  • Includes a cord storage
  • Include rear safety cover


  • Creates noise
  • Customer service could be improved 
  • Weight could be less
  • The quality of cable could be improved

Check Price On Amazon

No doubt, it has some good features but hey, you might want to buy other products at less price with some amazing features. For instance, Havells Cista has a night indicator, whose price is less than Havells OFR.

And if you are looking for non-corrosive and heater with different heating positions you can buy Usha and Bajaj Majesty, that too at less price.

3. Bajaj Room Heater Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector

Bajaj Room Heater Majesty Heat Convector
  • Model no: RX 11
  • Product dimensions: 31.5 x 30.99 x 13.72 cm
  • Weight; 1.74kgs
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Heating method: conviction
  • Warranty: 2 years

Bajaj is a well-known brand, and its features are quite amazing. First, it has two heat settings and has an adjustable thermostat which means it will switch off automatically when reach desired temperature which is not present in the above-mentioned product.

Second, it can be installed in two ways, that is horizontal and vertical. However, the previous White Orpat does not include this feature. That gives Bajaj an advantage over White Orpat.

At last, it includes a thermal fuse to restrict overheating, so the internal part of your room heaters remain safe. There you go long-lasting use of the heater.

It also provides you two benefits of a room heater in winter and fan in summer which makes it the better choice than White Orpat and other heaters.


  • Safe if you have kids and pet as it is cool and safe to touch
  • Less energy consumption as it switches off when reach set temperature 
  • Approved by BIS, hence energy efficient
  • Work as a fan and room heater
  • Two-way installation, accordingly
  • Prevent overheating
  • Warm up the room instantly as it has a fan


  • Create noise as it has a fan
  • Customer care service could be better

Check Price On Amazon

So far, if I have to mention, it is the best room heater with low energy consumption because of its features and also it is approved by BIS, unlike White Orpat. I know it might seem expensive. But look at the long term benefit you are getting. 

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4. Havells Room Heater Cista

Havells Room Heater Cista
  • Model no: 8901762044528
  • Colour: White and Black
  • Product dimensions: 20.9 x 35.5 x 31.8 cm
  • Weight: 3.56
  • Power: 1000 or 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year

The best part of using the Havells Cista is that it includes a night light indicator for the darkroom. Hence, you and your family are safe even in the darkroom. Apart from this, it allows you to adjust the temperature like the above-mentioned room heaters.

And for further safety and long life of heater it has an overheat protection which keeps it safe. I guess, it is the best room heater for winter, what do you think?

Additionally, if you are looking for a heater which you can take in any room with safety, then you do not have to go anywhere. Havells Cista has safe handles and a cool-touch body that will prevent the burning of hands. Though, its weight is somewhat more than Bajaj Majesty and White Orpat.

However, on an positive side it has adjustable stand which allow you to adjust the heater.


  • Thermostat control to set the temperature, like Bajaj and White Orpat
  • To prevent stumbling it has night indicator 
  • Has in-built cooling fan to keep it cool
  • Contains cool touch body to prevent burning  of hands
  • To guard inner elements it has to overheat protection
  • Compact and portable 


  • A bit noisy
  • Customer services can be improved
  • Weight could be less

Check Price On Amazon

At last, if you are looking for the best room heater for winter then you can go for this but by spending some more you can buy Bajaj Majesty as it has features like dual-use, i.e, As a fan and heater. Two-way installations, etc. Also, there is no much difference in prices.

5. Usha Room Heater Quartz (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection

Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection
  • Model no: QH 3002
  • Product dimension: 8.75 x 19.37 x 10.31 cm
  • Weight: 2.49kgs
  • Heating element: Quartz tube
  • Power: 400 and 800 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

What makes Usha special and worth buying? I would like to start with that, it prevents corrosion as it has a powder-coated finish. That further ensures the long-lasting life of the heater. Not only this but like Bajaj Majesty, it has two-position use, accordingly. 

The best part is that it uses less energy which is 400-800W on the basis of the heat setting you are using and it also has an overheating protection feature. So less electricity use with safety.

Ready to buy the best room heater with less energy consumption?


  • Perfect for small room
  • Non-corrosion due to its powder coating 
  • Need less power 
  • Has two heating position, allow you to use it according to your comfort
  • Automatically shut off, before overheating
  • Turn off automatically, if falls and tips
  • Good customer service 
  • Allow you to mount cable as it has hooks 


  • Have limited-service center 
  • Takes time to warm up because of low power
  • Weight could be less

Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking at an inexpensive heater with some ideal features than I would advise you to buy this instead of White Orpat. Though its price is a little high than White Orpat. But hey, look at its amazing features like auto shut off, non-corrosion, prevent overheating, and more. Above all, it is the best room heater with low power consumption.

6. 2000W Quite Performance Room Heater Blower Heat Convector Portable fan

2000W Quite Performance Room Heater Blower Heat Convector Portable fan
  • Model no: Majestic
  • Product dimensions– 30.48 x 30.48 x 9.14 cm
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Heating method: Conviction
  • Warranty: 1 year

Okay, here we go.

It has a heating element that lasts long as it is non-sagging and stitching type. Moreover, for safety, it includes a safety cut off feature, and for additional safety, it has a thermal cut off.

In short, more focus is given on your safety, which is a great thing. Plus, you can buy this at a reasonable price. Later, it includes two heating settings, adjusts accordingly like White Orpat, Bajaj Majesty, Usha, and Havells.


  • Has thermal cut off for safety
  • Provide you two heating setting with the help of a knob
  • Made of cool to touch technology, hence you baby and pets are safe
  •  Due to its size, you can place it anywhere safely 
  • Lightweight, easy to carry


  • Does not have auto-revolving feature
  • Could have a night indicator

Check Price On Amazon

If I have to compare this with other products then I would say at a low price you can buy Usha room heater with features like it consume less power, auto-shutoff, and more. Though, the weight of Usha is more than this which might make portability tough.

7. Glen Room Heater 7016 Halogen 1200 Watt

Glen 7016 Halogen Room Heater 1200 watt
  • Model No: Glen 7016
  • Product dimensions: 465 x 170 x 680 
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Power: 400/800/1200 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Let’s start with why you should buy this?

It has 3 heat settings with 400W, 800W, and 1200W, hence energy efficient like the Usha room heater. In short, it is the best room heater with less consumption of energy. Also, it is the only brand out of 6 brands that are providing 3 heat settings.

With that, it also has safety features for the tipping situation. So no fear of fire and anyone being hurt. Out of everything, it is ISI certified, unlike other room heaters. That makes it the best room heater for winter.


  • Portable and has easy to carry handles
  • 3 heat setting, so energy efficient 
  • Has wide-angle oscillation which ensures multi-directional heating 
  • Perfect for small and medium room
  • ISI certified 
  • If knocked off, it shut off automatically 
  • Easy to replace a tube
  • Customer care service is good


  • Life of the rod could be longer 
  • Weight could be less, for easy portability

Check Price On Amazon

I would say it is the best room heater for winter as at a reasonable price you are getting an ISI certified product, and no other product has this feature. Apart from this, it consumes less energy which makes it the best room heater with low power consumption. 

As you know there are dozen of brands available in the market which makes it tough to make an easy choice. To make things easy for you, I’m going to mention some of the factors that you should consider before buying a room heater.

Let’s start with the types of room heaters you have, out of which would be perfect for you.

Types of Room Heater in India

Types of Room Heater for Winter in India

These are distinctions on the basis of heating abilities. Let’s take a look at the types of room heaters to understand these better. 

1. Oil Filled Heaters 

It looks like a traditional radiator, though the size of the oil-filled heater is small. And, these are portable heaters, unlike traditional ones. Specifically, it includes a series of affixed columns that are being attached to the base with the help of the control panel.

Further, in the heat reservoir, diathermic oil is present inside the columns. Here comes the best part, you do not have to refill it because oil is not used as a fuel to generate the heat.

If you are wondering, how oil-filled heaters work, don’t worry, I will help you.

When the heater is switch on, electricity will directly flow into the heat reservoir. As a result, electricity will be converted into the heat which will be consumed by the diathermic oil. Then as soon as the oil warms up, it starts moving in the columns. 

With the movement of oil, the heat will transfer in the metal columns. And by using the natural convection, heat will radiate in your room.

However, an oil-filled heater takes time to heat the oil. But it provides an adequate amount of heat to heat up a room completely even after a long time. The last product from Havells is Havells OFR – 13 Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of an oil filled room heater.


  • No need to use a fan to circulate air
  • Works silently
  • Perfect to heat large rooms
  • Ideal for bedroom and workplaces
  • Attractive features like auto-off and anti-tip are available
  • Energy-efficient as it keeps the room warm for a long time even if turned off
  • Ideal for people who are suffering from allergies such as Asthma 


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Need a big budget
  • Require 20-30 minutes for the oil to heat 
  • Could not be the ideal choice for a family with kids

2. Ceramic Heaters

You won’t find it tough to understand, how ceramic heaters work. In ceramic heaters, electricity passes through the ceramic which is the heating element. As a result, aluminum baffles and heating elements heats instantly. 

While all of this is happening, cool air i.e., being sucked into the base from the surrounding passes through the baffles and heating elements. And the air heats up and eventually circulate in the room, though with the help of a fan.

And because of this, it often termed ceramic fan heaters.

If I have to compare the same with others than they operate at less temperature. 


  • Provide instant hot air with the help of a fan
  • Allow you to aim the direction of air accordingly
  • Compact size and portable
  • Ideal for small space for office room, cabins, and more
  • The perfect option for a family with kids as it cools down instantly


  • Noisy as it uses a fan to circulate the hot air
  • Tough to clean as dust particles stuck
  • Not ideal for people with allergies
  • Not suitable for large room

3. Infrared Heaters 

These are also termed as radiant infrared heaters. It heats the room by heating up the room. In short, thermal energy is being transferred as heat into any object and person. 

Additionally, it is of two types, 

  • Quartz Tubes- The encapsulated tubes have nichrome wire, which contains 80% of Nickle and 20% of chromium. 
  • Tubular heating element- It works on the same principle as an oven, it uses a solid metal element for inner heating. Typically, first, the metal heats up and later it transfers the heat to the objects available in the surrounding.  


  • No noise as it uses light to transfer heat
  • It is compatible and is portable 
  • Object and people around heat up promptly as it works as soon the switch is on
  • No wasted of energy as it heats up the object and people around directly. Hence, it is energy efficient


  • Once switch off, cools down instantly
  • Not ideal for large space
  • Heats decapitate faster
  • Radiates bright orange, which could be disturbing, especially in the bedroom.

4. Gas Heater

These are the most budget-friendly room heater. All you have to do is to visit a gas repair store and ask them this product. They will give you a heater which operates with the help of a cylinder.

I know it has more risk but if you use it with all the precautions then it can really save your money.

Pro tip: Use small cylinder only

Which Type of Room Heater is Good for Your Health?

So far, oil-filled heaters are really good for your health. These are not only energy-efficient but also keep the room warm for a long time even when turned off. So, I must say, it is good for your health.

If you are a big fan of instant heating which you only get from electric heaters, then you are ignoring one aspect which is your health. Because electric heater sucks the moisture from the air. As a result, the air in the room also turns dry which will affect your skin that particular result in dry and rough skin. That is specifically, more bad for the newborn.

On the other hand, oil-filled heaters are ideal options for good health as it does not burn the oxygen nor it lessen the humidity. Therefore, no loss of moisture and no dry skin. That is not only good for your newborn but for you too, right?

Above all, this feature of the oil-filled heaters makes it an ideal choice for the people with breathing issues as it does not result in suffocation.

Room Heater Buying Guide

1. Heating Technology

It is one of the most essential factors to consider before buying a room heater. So, there are two types of room heating technology. For a better understanding of both, please read.

  • Convection heater

If you are looking for a consistent source to heat your room then this heater should be your choice. Also, it distributes equivalent air in the room. Typically, the air is being warm-up by blowing over the element of heating and the warm air is circulating in your room.

Commonly, heating elements are made of ceramic, liquid-filled, and electric elements. Above all, it is ideal for the closed spaces as well as these are used to enhance the temperature of the room for additional time. 

Further, these heaters have two types of functionality, i.e, with and without the fan.

  1. Conviction heater without fan- In this, the heating element is surrounded by oil and water. But the process of heating starts slowly. To be specific, the heating process starts when the oil and water heat up, then this heat slowly transfer into the surrounding air.
    The best part is that the heat stays for a long period, most probably as long as the liquid remains hot, even after the device switches off. At last, as it works without a fan, it works quietly. 
  2. Conviction heater with fan- As the name suggests it uses a fan to circulate the air. It works by taking the cool air then to transform it into the hot air, the air has to pass through the heating element. And it recirculates in the room.
    If I have to compare it to the conviction heater without a fan then it enhances the hot air inside the perfectly insulated space instantly, which is at a faster rate than the conviction heater without a fan. Although, the fan makes it quite noisy.
  • Radiant heater 

So, this heater creates heat with the help of infrared radiation. And it works completely different, as it does not heat up the room but it heats up the people and object. 

It is the ideal choice for,

  • The room where you stay for a long period such as a bedroom
  • Where you can stay in the line of direction
  • Where you have to stay for a few hours at a time

On the positive side, it is ideal for people with allergies especially people with respiratory issues as it does not depend on air circulation. Moreover, as it does not heat the room but objects and people around, it is ideal for outdoor use.

2. Size and coverage

Size and coverage of the room heater are considered one of the most important factors. Buying the wrong size might result in overheating or less heating. For instance, if you buy a small heater for a larger room your room won’t be warm.

To measure the ideal capability of the room heater all you need is to focus on the wattage output. The unwritten rule is that a room heater that uses 10 watts of energy will perfectly heat the one square foot of the area. Likewise, the room heater of 1500 watts heats 150 square feet.

Here, I’m mentioning general formula to calculate wattage and heating capacity (in the square)

As I mentioned above, 10 watts of energy will heat the one square foot of the area

Hence, Total Wattage / 10 = Total sqft.


Total Sqft * 10 = Total wattage 

Further, to help you out, I’m mentioning the table,

WattageSquare Feet
(8 feet ceiling)
790W79 sqft
990W99 sqft
1100W110 sqft
1300W130 sqft
1500W150 sqft
1700W170 sqft
1900W190 sqft
2400W240 sqft
2900W290 sqft
3400W340 sqft
3900W390 sqft

To be noted, 

  • The ceiling over 8 feet- If the ceiling of your room is above 8 feet, in that case, you can use this formula, Total Sqft X Ceiling Height X 1.25 = Total Wattage Required
  • Poor insulation- In case your room is poorly insulated, then follow, Total Wattage / 12 = Total Sqft (OR) Total Sqft X 12 = Total Wattage
  • Infrared heater- As infrared heater does not use air to warm up the people and object, so it has the ability to  heat the large room with the consumption of less energy

3. Power Consumption

To understand the quantity of electricity used by the heater you need to consider the wattage of the room heater. Usually, it is printed on the manual and specifications. Mostly, the room heater uses 1500 watts, although, some can consume some more or less. 

To be specific, let’s calculate the same, 

As you know, the electricity bill is calculated in kilowatt-hour. And, 1 kilowatt is equivalent to 1000W, and the heater uses 1.5 kilowatts of energy. At last, if you use your room heater for 8 hours then, 

  • 1500 (Watts) x 8 hours = 12,000
  • Now divide it by 1,000 -> 12,000/1,000 = 12 (Kilowatts)
  • Later, multiply with the electricity rate per unit. The average unit rate in India is Rs.5.
    So, 12 Units X Rs 5 = Rs 60 per day.
  • If you use 1500 Watts room heater daily for 8 hours a month, then you will get an Rs.1800 electricity bill a month (roughly)

4. Heat setting

Mostly, heaters have heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature accordingly. Particularly, you have 3 settings, i.e., low, medium, and high. These obviously work on different watts. If the requirement is not ideal for you, you can shut the heat setting option.

Note: This is a must check option in a heater, if you really want to save the electricity bill, then use this feature. Don’t always operate the heater on high power until it is very necessary.

5. Power cord

If you are looking for an optimal option that allows you flexible power placement options buy a room heater with at least 70 inches long cord. Not only this, but it also prevents mishappening as you can place away from the couch, curtains, bed, etc. 

To add, place the room heater on the floor always. 

As the long cord allow you to place the heater at the place where the outlet is not easily accessible. Also, you can move the heater accordingly. 

Note: With a space heater never use an extension cord. Use the heater directly in the main switch board.

6. Oxygen and Humidity

This factor is essential especially if you have a newborn at your home. Typically, radiation heater or fan uses fan oxygen to heat the air. As a result, there will be less oxygen and humidity in your room. That further results in issues like nausea, dry nose, and itchy skin, especially of your baby’s skin. 

Hence, I would advise you to keep a bucket full of water in any corner of your room while using the room heater.

If you want the heater for your newborn baby or toddler then you can try these 5 best baby room heater along with the buying guide, only for them.

7. Thermostat

Here, comes another important aspect, mostly room heater has the feature to adjust the thermostat or programmable thermostat. With that, a programmable thermostat allows you to set the ideal temperature. And to maintain the set temperature heater automatically switches on and off at intervals.

But the adjustable thermostat could not maintain the set temperature of the room. Though, on a positive side, it restricts the heat output which depends on the heat settings. You can adjust the heat setting, either with the help of buttons or dials.  

8. Noise level

Like other electric appliances, room heaters produce some level of noise while working. Though it is believed that heaters with fans create noise, and heaters without fan create less or no noise. To add, heaters without fan whisper silently. Hence, these are ideal choices for office and bedroom.

To check out the noise level of the room heater you have to check the decibel rating. A higher rating means loud noise.  

9. Size and Portability 

If you are looking for a heater which you can carry in any room easily then buy a room heater with castor wheels. This will allow you to move the room heater from one place to another without any stress on your arms. With that, you should also look for sidearms or handles to avoid the burning of hands.

Also, for the portability, you should buy a room heater of less weight and of compact size. Fan and radiant heaters are lightweight, easy to move, and compact if compared to oil-filled heaters.

10. Price and Warranty

Certainly, the price of the high quality of the room heater will be high. But high-end models include extra smart features such as energy-saving mode, remote control, and timer.

Though some pocket-friendly room heaters might not have heavenly features, they are enough to warm your room.

Well, if I have to talk about the warranty of the room heater than choose one with at least a warranty of 6 months or a year.

Safety Feature to Consider Before Buying a Room Heater

Safety Feature to Consider Before Buying a Room Heater

Before buying any room heater you should consider some of the safety features and these are,

1. Cool to touch

As the name explains, the outer casting of the room heater should be heat resistant. Hence, if you touch it intentionally or not, it won’t hurt you. Though, this feature is available in some heaters only. But if you have kids at home, this feature adds more importance to it.

2. Overheat protection switch

It is also an essential feature to consider and you will easily buy a heater with this feature, as plenty are available in the market. It works by simply informing you through the sensor that the inner component reaches the temperature which is unsafe. Hence, you have to switch it off.

3. Tip-over cut off switch

Sometimes while taking the heater from one room to another it might fall or tip-off, especially if it bumps into an object. And the little monsters of the home, our pet and kid can try to reach it. This feature enables the heater to turn off instantly to avoid the risk of fire. 

How to Maintain Energy Efficiency When Using Room Heater?

As I said above, the room heater is designed to warm the small room, unlike the central heating system. Hence, using the room heater to heat the large area or room, you end up using a lot of energy. As a result, the high electricity bill. 

And the worst part is that room heaters won’t come with an energy efficiency rating. Additionally, because multiple factors are responsible for the impact on productivity which makes it tough to compare energy efficiency. 

If I have to name some factors, the size of the room, indoor temperature, space is insulated or not, and more. 

Here come tips on how to maintain the efficiency of the room heater, 

  • If the room heater has a vent, ensure to hoard debris and dust
  • To let the heat reach the specific area, position the heater in the correct direction. That is how you do not have to set the heater at the highest level, thus, no wastage of electricity 
  • Keep the doors and windows close this will lessen the drafts and provide you maximum heat retention
  • Instead of high temperature, keep the room heater low, this will enhance the comfort too
  • To decrease the consumption of energy, look out for the features like an adjustable thermostat, timer, and low wattage power

Further, if you are looking for a way to position your room heater, don’t worry, I’m here to help you,

The Positioning of the Room Heater

Placing a heater requires a lot of thinking, otherwise, it could be harmful to the family. So, I’m mentioning some tips, 

1. Portable or Mounted 

Simply, room heaters are fixed on the wall. Rarely, the baseboard room heaters are mounted at the foot near the floor. Hence, a family with pets and kids should choose mounted room heaters as they are cool when touched during operation. But you have to make sure that nothing will come in their way. 

As I said, you should ensure that nothing is obstructing the way of the heater, neither furniture nor any wall. 

Later, having a portable heater means you have to be more careful while using it. To add, place it safely to avoid knocking it, as well as tables, and shelves are the worst places to place it.

2. Clear path

Do not place the room heater on the walking path. As it is not only unsafe for your pet and kids but it also allows you to walk freely in the house. 

3. Place the heater on a flat surface

Always keep the place room heater on a flat surface else heater can fall or knock easily. 

4. No obstacle in the path of the heater 

Unless it is a mounted heater you should keep the room heater minimum 2-3 feet away from the watch. To add, do not keep anything around the heater. Also, keep 3 feet distance even to the side and front of the heater.

5. No moisture 

As room heaters mainly work on the electricity, so never place your heater in the dump surface. To be specific, do not place your room heater in the kitchen, do not take it to camp, bathrooms, and other wet surfaces.

In addition, do not try to dry your wet clothes by putting the clothes on the room heater as it is dangerous as well as it can result in fire because the air circulation is obstructed. 

Precautions to Take When Using Room Heater

Precautions to Take When Using Room Heater
  • Read the manual before using the room heater
  • Do not leave items such as magazines, newspaper, and other paper material near the heater
  • Prevent using the flammable liquid near or around the room heater. These liquids are paint, gasoline, paint, and more
  • Restrict placing the room heater near the curtains, as if the curtain get stuck in, it might catch fire
  • Never leave the heater unattended, as if it knocked off it can catch fire
  • Do not leave kids unattended when using heaters. Hence, make sure to keep kids 3 feet away from the heater
  • Never use extended cords to connect room heater
  • Do not use the room heater or replace its parts before using the heater if the heater has any damaged parts or cords
  • Keep the windows and doors close when the heater is operating as rain and moisture can break the unit and could be the result of the fire

FAQs On Room Heater

Which is the best room heater in India?

Havells Cista is the best heater because it has amazing features like night indicator, BIS certified, overheat protection, cool to touch the body, etc.

Which heater uses the least power?

USHA room heater consumes the least power among these 7 best room heater.

How much power do room heaters consume?

Mostly, heaters consume 1500W of power, however, it could be more or less.

What is the best cheap room heater?

White Orpat is the best cheap heater with ideal features like overheat protection, auto-revolving feature, heat setting, and more.


All you need is to consider various factors to buy the perfect heater for your family. These factors include kids and pets too. Because they are not aware of what things could be harmful to them.

With the little precaution and attentiveness, you can ignore the misshaping and enjoy the hot and warm room without thinking how cold it is outside.

Let me know which among the 7 best room heater in India you are going to buy? Please comment below.

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