7 Best Treadmills for Home Use in India Reviews

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Written by Sagar V.

If you are looking for a piece of easy exercise equipment, especially something to work out at home then a treadmill would be the best option. 

You must be aware that a workout has countless benefits as it is ideal for heart strength, helps in losing weight, and more. And choosing to walk and run on the treadmill allow you to put less stress on your body than running and walking on the surface outside.

Even it is not safe to go outside at this time.

Hence, to allow you to enjoy the benefits of exercise from home, I have come up with the best treadmill for home use.

7 Best Treadmill for Home Use in India Reviews!

PreviewTreadmillRatingBuy Link
PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Automatic BMI Calculation1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP
(Max. User Weight: 100Kg)
– Best budget & my favourite
4.5/5Check Price
MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill, Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine with LCD Display and Mobile Phone Holder Perfect for Home Use2. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak)4.4/5Check Price
PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill (FREE INSTALLATION)3. PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP)
– Best Overall & Premium
4.6/5Check Price
Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill for Home with 12 preset Workouts4. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak)
– Amazon’s Choice
4.2/5Check Price
Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill With Free Diet & Fitness Plan5. Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak)4.3/5Check Price
Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home Use & Fitness Enthusiast (Free Installation Assistance)6. Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak4.3/5Check Price
Fitkit FT98 carbon 1.25HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill With Free at Home Installation Assistance and Free Diet & Fitness Plan7. Fitkit FT98 carbon 1.25HP (2HP Peak)4.3/5Check Price

1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Automatic BMI Calc.

PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Automatic BMI Calc.
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Track size: 43.3”x 15.75”
  • Maximum speed: 1-10 km per hour
  • Horsepower: 1.75
  • Type of treadmill: Foldable 
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts and labor;3 years on motor and lifetime warranty on frame

Promaxx is a well-known brand dealing in high quality of treadmills. And trust me it is providing perfect features like 12 already set workout program, Led display, heart rate sensor, and more. 

With all of those features you would be well informed about the distance, calorie burned, heart rate, etc. And I guess, this is all you need to know. To be specific I’m mentioning some of the special features. I would certainly say, it is the best treadmill under 20,000 Rs.

Special Features

  • Includes 12-pre set programs
  • Has handrail heart rate sensor
  • Has 3 target based modes
  • Allow you to play music directly on console speaker with the help of USB, pen drive, and AUX cable
  • An anti-skid running track with a 6-ply running board which preserve energy and lessen the impact on joint
  • Auto-stop feature to keep you safe


  • Foldable which makes it easy to store
  • Has pre-set programs which have led display too, now you can measure time, heart rate, calorie burned, etc
  • Handrail heart rate sensor
  • You can enjoy music simply by connecting it to AUX, USB, etc
  • Has PVC non-skid surface, hence no slipping
  • Provide slightly bouncy and damping surface as it has 6-ply running board, which further reduce the impact on joints and conservation of energy
  • Has a low profile running deck, which keep you safe and close to the surface
  • Enough space to run
  • Switch off automatically to prevent accidents
  • Rustproof, dustproof and prevent moisture
  • To keep the belt in center and for smooth movement, it has steel crowned rollers
  • Provide lifetime warranty on frame
  • Portable, as it has wheels
  • Good customer care service
  • Free installation assistance with the help of video and voice call
  • Has a key safety feature


  • Could have a cushion effect
  • Could have better customer care support
  • Not perfect for fast running
  • For timer and blood pressure measurement application need money

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2. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill, Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine with LCD Display

MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill, Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine with LCD Display and Mobile Phone Holder Perfect for Home Use
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg
  • Track size: 1150 X 420 mm
  • Maximum speed: 1-14 km per hour
  • Horsepower: 2
  • Type of treadmill: Electronic motorized 
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts and motor; lifetime warranty on frame

If you compare the same with the PowerMax then the maximum weight holding capacity and speed of MaxPRo is more than the same. Not only this but the horsepower of the same is high than PowerMax. 

But these two have similarities too like it has a 12-pre set program and is foldable but it is easy to fold as it uses a hydraulic system, which makes MaxPRO an ideal choice. Hence, it is the best treadmill for home use, though you might find it expensive. 

Special Features

  • Horsepower has 4 HP peak, which ensures the silent working of the motor for speed, interval, and endurance training
  • Provide 3 level manual incline for an intense workout, PowerMax lacks this feature
  • Includes in-built thumb sensors, hence easy to monitor heart rate
  • To lessen the shocks it has a multi-layered running belt


  • Easy to fold with hydraulic system
  • Wheels increase the portability
  • Has mobile and table holder
  • Easy to connect to USB and MP3
  • Lifetime warranty of frame
  • Works silently
  • Led display which indicates time, pulse, heart rate, distance, etc
  • Includes manual incline level for high intensity 
  • Measure pulse with handheld pulse stay, Powermax lacks this feature
  • Conserve energy 
  • Absorb shocks 


  • Customer care service could be better
  • The speed control button could be located conveniently
  • Could have an auto-stop feature 
  • Slippery, claimed by customers
  • Charges for installation unlike Powermax

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3. PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill (FREE INSTALLATION)

PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill (FREE INSTALLATION)
  • Maximum user weight: 105 kg
  • Track size: 1260 x 430mm
  • Maximum speed: 0.8-14.8 km per hour
  • Horsepower: 2
  • Type of treadmill: Motorized foldable 
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on parts and labor; 3 years on motor and lifetime warranty on frame

Though you find it expensive but it has ideal features that the best treadmill for home use could have. First, its horsepower is more then PowerMax TDM-98. Second, the maximum speed of PowerMax TDM-100 is also more than the above-mentioned treadmills. 

However, the weight holding capacity of PowerMax TDM-100 is less then MaxPRO. 

No doubt. It has some amazing features such as led display, 6 levels manual incline for intensity, and is easy to fold and unfold because of hydraulic systems like MaxPRO. Altogether, it is the best treadmill brand in India. You would love it more, just check out its features.

Special Features

  • It has dual layer running board with double shock absorption, no earlier mentioned product has this feature which reduces the stress on knees, hips, and ankles
  • Can be used as massager and situp bar
  • For easy maintenance, it has semi-auto lubrication 
  • Includes certified workout 
  • 6-ply running board with the anti-slip running belt, hence no slipping and fewer shocks
  • Includes steel roller which keeps the belt in center and smooth running
  • To allow to keep yourself within target it has a heart rate sensor on the crossbar handle


  • Already set certified workouts
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Double shock absorption 
  • Anti-skid running belt 
  • Listen to your favorite music with the help of an in-built speaker as it can work with AUX, MP3 player, etc
  • Ensure smooth running
  • Led display to show time, distance, pulse, incline, etc
  • Reduce the stress on knees, hips, and ankles
  • Auto-stop feature for safety 
  • Water-resistant,moisture-proof, and dustproof
  • For an intense workout, it has a 6-level inclination 
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Multi-functional can be used as a situp bar and massager 
  • Free installation assistance 
  • Has wheels for portability
  • Has knob to control speed and volume 
  • Easy to fold
  • Includes safety key feature for safety
  • Saves energy


  • Could have work quite like MaxPRO
  • Customer care service could be improved 
  • The duration of the program could be more
  • Could have automatic speed control feature
  • The quality of the speaker could be better

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So far, it is all worthy to buy as you can use as a massager, and situp bar, which makes it unique. Because no other product has this feature. With that, you will get free installation assistance, knob to control speed and volume. That’s what makes it the best treadmill for home use.

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4. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill for Home with 12 preset Workouts, Max Speed 10km/hr.

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill for Home with 12 preset Workouts
  • Track size: 1100*400mm
  • Maximum User Weight: 95 kg
  • Maximum speed: 10 km per hour
  • Horsepower: 2.5 
  • Type of treadmill: Foldable
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on the motor and on parts; 3 years warranty on against frame

No doubt, it might seem pocket-friendly but if you at its specifications then I would say, you can spend some money and buy PowerMax TDM-98 as that is providing you a lifetime warranty on frame. And I must say, warranty is an essential factor to consider. 

And if you are ready to invest handsome money you can buy PowerMax TDM-100 and MaxPRO. Though it might lack many features but hey, the horsepower of this treadmill is 2.5 which might give it some point, isn’t it?

To make a more clear choice, have a look at the features,

Special Features

  • Includes 12-pre-set program
  • For the absorption of shocks, it has 8 rubber pads under the deck
  • Includes a speed regulator 


  • Absorbs shocks
  • Includes already set program for workout 
  • High horsepower
  • No noise works silently 
  • Saves energy 
  • Has anti-skid lawn textured running track
  • Includes heart sensor 
  • Led display to show time, distance, calories, 
  • Has a bottle holder
  • Allow you to connect USB, AUX, USB, etc
  • Includes a safety key feature
  • Easy to fold and portable 


  • Customer care service could be better
  • Could have space for phone 
  • Need stabilizer 
  • Could have an auto-stop feature

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5. Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill With Free Diet & Fitness Plan

Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill With Free Diet & Fitness Plan
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg
  • Track size: 1240*420 mm
  • Maximum speed: 1-16 km per hour 
  • Horsepower: 2.25 (continuous) and 4.5 (peak)
  • Type of treadmill: Motorised foldable
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on motor and manufacturing defects; 3-year warranty on frame

Here comes Fitkit with the highest horsepower of 2.25 (continuous) and 4.5 (peak). Not only this it has all the amazing features which make it all worthy to buy. If I have to state some then it contains a free video of personal diets for 3 months and personal training sessions. Also, you can avail of the benefit of consultation sessions. 

With that I would say, its speed is more than the earlier mentioned treadmills which makes it one of the best treadmill brands in india. 

Special Features

  • Connect with the Fit plus app which is available on, IOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Fit, Apple Health, etc
  • For easy maintenance, it has an auto-lubrication feature
  • LCD display to reflect speed, time, heart rate, etc
  • Includes 12 already set workout with the feature which allow you to change mode
  • 15-level auto-inclination for an intense workout 
  • Easy to fold with a hydraulic soft drop system
  • The cushion effect prevent shocks
  • Work as a massager 
  • The auto-stop function which makes it safe


  • Easy to connect with mobile, apps like Alexa, Google fit, etc
  • Provide services like a personal dietician, fitness plan, consultation with the doctor, etc
  • Allow you to use Alexa to command the treadmill
  • High horsepower and absorbs shocks
  • LCD display to display speed, heater rate, time, etc
  • Ensure safety with an auto-stop feature
  • Auto- lubrication function for the intense workout
  • Easy to fold that also includes fan
  • Has a bottle holder and saves energy 
  • Work as massager 
  • For safety, it includes a key safety feature
  • Easy to fold and transport with the help of wheels


  • Could work quietly and have more width
  • Massage belt could have work silently
  • Could be more spacious, commented by customers
  • Could have pulse rate indicator

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6. Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home Use & Fitness Enthusiast

Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home Use & Fitness Enthusiast (Free Installation Assistance)
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg
  • Track size: 1100mm x 395mm
  • Maximum speed: 0.8-10 km per hour 
  • Horsepower: 1 and 2.5 (peak)
  • Type of treadmill: Motorized foldable
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on motor and parts; 3 years warranty on frame

So far, like Fitkit, Lifelong, and PowerMax TDM-100, it provides 3 years warranty on frame. No doubt, it has some good features such as a Led display to show time, speed, heart rate but it also shows pulse rates. 

In short, no doubt it is the best treadmill for use under 20,000 Rs and contains all the basic features a treadmill should have. But imagine having an auto-shutoff feature that would be safer, isn’t it?  However, let’s have a more clear view of the feature of this,

Special features 

  • Has Led display to show time, distance, speed, heart rate, etc
  • 12 already included programs
  • Has a powerful motor but it works quietly


  • Easy to fold and portable
  • Has led display to show time, speed, etc
  • Includes programs to workout 
  • Easily connect with Ipad, tablet, AUX, MP3 player, etc
  • Lessen the shocks
  • Measure pulse rate
  • Safety key prevents accidents 


  • Need stabilizer 
  • Should have an auto-shut feature 
  • The plug-in wire could be larger, commented by customers
  • Customer support service could be improved
  • Could have an inclination feature 

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7. Fitkit FT98 Carbon 1.25HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill With Free at Home Installation Assistance

Fitkit FT98 carbon 1.25HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill With Free at Home Installation Assistance
  • Maximum user weight: 90 kg
  • Track size: 1200 X 420 mm
  • Maximum speed: 0.8-14 km per hour 
  • Horsepower: 1.25HP (Continuous) and 2HP (Peak)
  • Type of treadmill: Motorised 
  • Warranty: 1year on motor and manufacturing defects; 3 years on frame

Fitkit again comes up with the best treadmill for home use but this time its price is under 20,000 Rs. and you would be surprised that even at this price Fitkit in providing almost similar features like Fitkit FT200. 

Though, its horsepower is less then Fitkit FT200 but offers the same warranty of the frame that is 3 years, unlike the lifetime warranty PowerMax TDM98 and MaxPro PTM405. Well, I guess apart from this its other features make it worthy, lets have a look at these. 

Special Features

  • Free personal dietician and personal training session with a consultation with the doctor
  • Easy to connect with either Android ad IOS with the help of the Fitplus App, also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Health, Google Fit, etc
  • For maintenance, it provides effortless lubrication
  • LCD display to show distance, time, burned calories, etc unlike others
  • For additional safety, it has a key safety feature


  • Provide you free personal dietician, a training session with doctor’s consultation
  • Easy to connect with mobile and app like Google Fit, Alexa, etc
  • LCD display to indicate time, distance, etc
  • Easy to lubricate
  • For safety, it has a key safety feature
  • Allow you to use Alexa to control it
  • The cushion effect absorbs shock
  • Includes bottle holder
  • For safety, it has an auto-stop feature
  • Good customer care service 


  • Not foldable 
  • Could have a pulse rate checking monitor
  • Could be a silent working feature
  • Not perfect for people who lack space in their home
  • After-sales service could be better

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At last, if you have space in your home then it is the best treadmill under 20,000 Rs. all you need is space. Well, when it comes to features I find it perfect as it has features for safety, ensure a good diet, exercise sessions, and more.

Choosing one product from the countless options that you have is tough, isn’t it? Especially, you are really looking to be fit or to lose weight, then you need to know factors to consider before buying the treadmill. This will help you in choosing your own best treadmill.

3 Types of Treadmills

Based on the functions treadmill has 3 types, that is manual, motorized, and folding treadmill. Let’s have a detail look at these, 

1. Manual Treadmills

It is ideal for the people who want to adjust the inclination to increase the strength of workout. Like an electronic treadmill, a manual treadmill does not use electricity to work and is less expensive than an electronic treadmill too. 

Then comes, how does it move? 

Well, the action of running or walking on the bottom of the machine makes it move. Also, as running a belt does not start unless you move, it lessens the chances of hurting as well as it is safe for senior citizens. 

The best of the manual treadmill is not over yet, it also comfortable to use too as it has cushioned handles and durable running belts. And if you are a beginner, it is the perfect option. 


  • Less expensive 
  • Ideal jogging and walk
  • Require less storage space
  • Perfect beginner 
  • Fewer chances of being hurt
  • Could be a good choice for senior citizen 


  • Less weight holding capacity
  • Limited features as it lacks monitors to measure time, speed, etc
  • Small deck size
  • From my experience, you might feel lazy after using it for some days.

2. Motorized or Electronic Treadmills

Automatic Treadmill for Home Use

If you are ready to spend money, then motorized treadmills could be a perfect choice. This treadmill includes many high-end features which mostly, basic and manual treadmill lacks. 

As the name suggests, it works with the help of an electronic motor. The size of the motorized treadmill is large and is not portable but has to be fixed permanently at a place due to its heavy size.

Mostly it is used for commercial purposes because people need a dependable, sturdy, and heavy-duty treadmill on which they can rely. 

Well, if you are thinking of its price then the price of the motorized treadmill could be different on the basis of its features, but it is costly than the Manual treadmill. So, if you are buying this, then you have to check the features like power engine, size of the running belt, inclination nature, etc. 


  • Does not require lots of space
  • Perfect built construction, that further depends on the brand
  • Perfect for walking, jogging, and running
  • Electronic measurement of speed, distance, calories burned, etc
  • Touchscreen design


  • Creates noise, depends on what model you are choosing

3. Folding Treadmills

If you lack space to store a treadmill, then it is the best treadmill for you. It is not different from the manual treadmill but the best part is that it can easily be store in restricted space.

But as everything has its shortcoming, hence its shortcomings is that it is not a good option for tall runners and person with long strides.


  • Require very less space
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for walking, jogging, and running
  • Great build construction, that depends on the brand


  • Not a good option for tall runners and person with long strides. 

Before considering anything, you need to understand the purpose of the treadmill,

What is your requirement for a treadmill?

You also have to consider the need for a treadmill, whether it is for walking, jogging, and running. If you want to walk or run, you can go for a pocket-friendly treadmill. You can also buy some advanced treadmills which can double up the running and cross-train. 

To be specific, if you run more then walk, then you should choose the treadmill with large belts and more horsepower. This will prevent falter out. Additionally, for better support ensure to choose the 3 CHP monitor.

Buying Guide for Treadmill for Home Use

1. Motor

If your choice is an electronic treadmill then the motor is an essential factor to consider because it the major source that allows the track to belt to run. Now comes types of power, one is horsepower and the other is continuous horsepower (CHP).

CHP should be your choice as it shows you the ability of the motor to handle power consistently than its peak.  As here, I’m focusing on a treadmill for home then motor power between 2.25 and 4.25CHP is ideal for home use treadmill. 

And only a few treadmills have CHP 1.5 and 5CHP. 

Though, the power which you need to work on a treadmill solely depends on the type of exercise and body weight. Here, I’m mentioning general suggestion for people with the weight of 90kgs,

  • Walking: 2.0 CHP or more
  • Jogging: 2.5 CHP or higher
  • Running: 3.0 or more

Don’t worry I do not forget the people with weight more than 90kgs, all you need to do is to add 0.5 CHP.

2. Durable Tread Belt

When it comes to durability you need to focus on 3 factors, 

  • Thickness- Tread belt of 2-ply or 4-ply is durable than the tread belt of 1-ply. And if you are looking for a treadmill that creates less noise then your preference should be a thick belt. To add,  if you are looking for the same then you have to spend some money on it
  • Lubrication- You should lubricate the treadmill once in a few months to ensure smooth performance. Hence, high standard treadmill need no or less maintenance as these are infused with silicone
  • Roller- Metal roller which moves the track is also an important thing to consider. To increase the life of the belt you should choose a roller with big diameters as it reduces the stress on the motor. Specifically, the perfect diameter of the roller is 2.5”

3. Track Size 

To be honest, this factor is not so essential for short walkers but hey, if you are a long strider and runner then you really have to take this into account. Mostly, treadmills have similar footprints and on average treadmills are 77 inches long with 35 inches wide. 

To add, a folding treadmill is half of its length when fold. With that, you need unoccupied space around for safety and access. 

In addition, the determined length of the standard treadmill is 55 inch (length) for walking, and for running you need 58-60 inch length. And some commercial treadmills for runner have length is up 63inches long. 

If I have to talk about the width of the standard treadmill, then it is 20inches. And there are specially designed treadmills for trainees, which is extra wide with the 22 inches and more. 

Here are some instructions that would help you,

  • 20 x 55 – Ideal for walkers, light jogging, and for people who are taller than 6’1’’.
  • 20 x 60 – Standard length for better range treadmills. Perfect for walking, jogging, and running.
  • 20 x 60 – Perfect length and width for runners and walkers who use high inclines.

4. Track Speed 

The speed of the track depends on the need of the person’s level of fitness. Particularly, the maximum speed of the treadmill is 10 miles per hour, which is ideal for a runner. To add, some modern treadmill has speed up to 12mph. 

If you are a beginner you need low speed and increase the speed as your muscles get comfortable. Below I’m mentioning the speed setting needs,

  • 1-3.9 MPH – Mostly perfect for people who want to burn fat and moderate exercise like brisk walking.
  • 4-5.5 MPH – Average user jogging pace, brisk walk, moderate exercise range for fat burning activity.
  • 5-6.8 MPH – This speed comes under aerobic exercise territory. Most of the treadmills don’t have speed settings than this speed range.
  • 5 or more MPH – This speed range comes under anaerobic territory. Most of the runners can not maintain speeds in this range. It is only ideal for short periods of time.

5. Weight Capacity

As the name suggests, it is the capacity a treadmill can hold. Particularly, the weight capacity of the treadmill is less than 180kgs. I would recommend you buy a treadmill which has a weight capacity of at least 20kgs more than your weight. Because when you run or walk, the impact load is usually more than your weight.

As a result, it prevents the motor of the treadmill from heat and strain. 

6. Height Capacity

Mostly, the height capacity of the treadmill is 5’1”-6’4”. 

To be specific, a normal treadmill is fine for the person with a height of 6’. However, a person taller than 6’ ensure to buy the treadmill with the treadmill width of a minimum 60” long. This will be comfortable for you while jogging and running.

7. Heart Rate Motor

If you are looking for a heart rate motor feature then you need to spend some good money as a cheap treadmill lacks this feature. Mostly, the treadmill has hand grips heat rate motor which helps in monitoring the intensity of the exercise. Though, if you are looking for more convenience then a chest heart rate monitor would be a better choice. As it monitors the heart rate without waiting for you to hold the handgrip. 

Why it is essential? 

Measuring rate is essential as it defines the intensity and progress of the workout and everyone has a heart rate target to achieve. Although, you should not forget that too high heart rate could be harmful to the health and if it is too less it won’t allow you to accomplish your target.

The good news is that modern treadmills have the speed adjusting feature this ensures to keep your heart rate within a particular range. If you are confused, about the range, then do not worry as you will be the one to set the specific range. With that ensure that heart rate control adjusts should incline at the minimum. 

So, your concern is adjusting the incline and speed, both. 

To make sure you are comfortable and safe, the treadmill has manual speed adjustment. 

Typically, you would encounter 3 distinct levels of heater rate function.

Types of Heart Rate Function

  • High- It simply contains a pulse strap or chest strap and a polar compatible heart rate program. All this ensures to monitor the heart rate while working out. Also, you are free to adjust the workout at an optimum level. 
  • Intermediate- For a more accurate heart rate, it uses chest straps or pulse watches. The best part is that this enables you to reduce or increase the workout. 
  • The basic- Basic treadmill has hand pulse sensors. Though you can not rely on these entirely but certainly you can check your progress and basic pulse. For clear results, your hand sensor should be a dump and you should wear it for a minimum of 30seconds. Hence, you have to stop running to get a certain reading. 

8. Inclination 

For quick fitness, result inclination would be the best factor to consider. This has many benefits such as,

  • Help you to achieve fitness goals
  • Target specific muscles
  • Lessen the stress on joints

Mostly treadmill has an inclination capacity of 10%, 15%, and 20%, as well as some brands, gives small decline choices. 

In the market, either you find manual incline adjustment and motorized incline adjustment, of the cheap treadmill, and advance treadmill, respectively. And some more advanced treadmills work automatically by detecting the speed and deciding the inclination itself. But it is quite expensive. 

9. Track Cushion

If you are wondering, why does a track need cushion then the reason behind having track cushion is to protect your joints from the impact of exercise. 

If you compare the same with running on roads, then cushioned track lessen this impact by 15-40%. Therefore, fewer chances of being hurt with increase stamina. 

And if you are ready to invest in an advanced treadmill then you can also avail of the benefit of an adjustable cushion feature.

10. Programs 

Most treadmills include a workout program that will support your unique exercise and weight loss goal. You do not have to do anything except selecting the programs, further your treadmill will adjust the speed, inclination, and more accordingly. 

And, if you are bored with following the same routine you can customize the same anytime.

11. Safety 

Yes, you can hurt yourself while running, jogging, and walking on the treadmills. Not only this, but you kid, and pet could hurt themselves too which also includes a senior person of your home. Hence to prevent any accident some treadmills have auto-stop features.

Now, how it works? 

That’s easy, this feature is controlled by the key which is attached to the body with a lanyard. In case you slip away, this will disengage and the treadmill will stop working automatically. Hence, no injury. 

12. Price

How come anyone ignores the price before buying a treadmill, right? As it is all about how much money you can spend. So, if you can spend handsome money, you can buy the most advance plus high quality of the treadmill. 

13. Brand

The brand is one of the essential aspects to consider. So, before investing, choose a brand that is offering the best quality of treadmill and other services. 

If I have to mention some brands then, Cockatoo, Powermaxx, Kobo, Durafit, and Fitkit are best to choose from.

14. Maintenance

The best investment is when it requires less maintenance. No doubt, it needs some care but you do not have to invest your time in lubricating and servicing the same.

So, the perfect treadmill is one that can go through ordinary wear and tear and does not need any repairs and shutdown. 

To deal with the normal wear and tear buy a treadmill with a reversible deck. As it enhances the life of the treadmill 2 times. 

15. Warranty

To determine the durability of the treadmill you need to check out the warranty period. You will get a warranty on motor, labor, body parts, and frame.

  • Most of the treadmills (even cheap ones) have a lifetime warranty on the frames.
  • Treadmills do come with lifetime guarantees but less durable motors come with a 25-year guarantee.
  • The cheap treadmill comes with a 90-day warranty on parts. Reliable treadmills come with at least a 1-year warranty.
  • Some manufacturers provide free labor for a few years while others may provide shipping costs for machine repair as well

Additional Features for Treadmill for Home Use

Here, I’m mentioning some of the features a treadmill should have,

Tethered Safety

These features allow you to start the treadmill. Then further, as it is a long cord which is attached to your clothes. So, in case you slip or fall, the treadmill stops automatically. This is how you can prevent your kids from using the treadmill.

Motor Housing

Concave shaped motor housing is the best choice. If not, then always keep the housing motor away in order to workout without any issues and obstacles.

Console and Control

Treadmill with LED display

It simply includes features like one-touch speed, effortless to read the display screen, and more. I would suggest you not buy a treadmill with a poor quality of display and control.

To your workout, more convenient latest treadmills have features like speakers, fans, and more.

Foot and Hand Rails

In the Indian market, you would find treadmills with side and front handrails. Handrails ensure safety and stability. Hence, by flat and wide handrails with a moving belt. Additionally, make sure foot rails have enough space to go on or off, effortlessly. With that, the handrails of the treadmill should not disrupt you while working out.

Users Profile

As the name suggests, you and other family members can save their profile, in order to keep a record, to achieve the target, and more.

Mobile and Internet Connectivity

Treadmill with internet connectivity allows you to search for things such as organizing personalized track meet. And with the help of mobile connectivity, you can monitor and keep the record on your phone.

Shock Absorption

This feature is essential to lessen the impact of the treadmill by 40%. Also, it lessens the possibility of common injuries which are the result of long-running. Here, a few types of shock absorption.

Spring: Spring will compress and bounce the stride force back to the body. Hence, it is advised not to run on the treadmill without spring.

Variable Durometer Elastomer Cushions: It acts as a cushion which means it simply absorbs any energy from the impact. You can find this mostly in the commercial and heavy-duty treadmill.

FAQs for Treadmill for Home Use

Which treadmill is best for home use?

MaxPro PTM405 is the best treadmill for home use as it has features like heart rate monitor, high horsepower, multi-layer running belt for the absorption of shocks, etc.

Which treadmill is best for home manual or automatic?

An automatic treadmill is easy to use, unlike a manual one. Also, it includes features like heart rate monitor, pulse monitor, and more. Hence, if you are looking for an easy way to workout then an automatic treadmill is the best option.

Is it OK to run on a treadmill everyday?

Yes you can use treadmill regularly but that should not be more than 30 minutes. Or you should check what is your health goal exactly.

What is the best inexpensive treadmill?

ProMax TDM98 is the best inexpensive treadmill with ideal features like LED display, heart rate sensors, etc.


No doubt, the treadmill is the best way to remain fit, without actually going out, especially during this pandemic. Though, you need to be aware while working out and keep your kids and pets away from the same.

With all the care and precaution, you can remain healthy.

So, which among the 7 best treadmill for home use will be your choice? Please let me know in the comments below.

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