7 Best Water Geyser/Heater in India Reviews

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Written by Jyoti Singh

The 7 Best Water Geysers/Heaters in India Reviews | Best Geyser Brand in India

Are you tired of using the traditional water heater and want something advanced?

If your answer is yes, then here I’m going to enlist the best water geyser in India. 

The use of geysers is not limited to the winter, if you love a hot bath after a long and tiring day, all you need is to choose the geyser which will make things easy for you.

Based on my research and customer reviews, I think Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre is the best water geyser in the budget. The reason you will find in this article.

7 Best Water Heater/Geyser in India Reviews!

PreviewWater GeyserRatingBuy Link
Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater1. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater
– Best Budget
4.5/5Check Price
Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Litre Water Heater with Flexi Pipe, Safe Shock Plug2. Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Litre Water Heater with Flexi Pipe
– Best Rated
4.4/5Check Price
Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater3. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Water Heater
– Best Overall
4.2/5Check Price
AO Smith HSE-HAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre Horizonatal Water Heater (Geyser)4. AO Smith Storage 15 Litre Horizontal Water Heater4.3/5Check Price
Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-2615 15LTR(2KW) 4 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater5. Crompton Arno Neo 4 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater3.9/5Check Price
V-Guard Victo 10 L Water Geyser - Free Pan India Installation with Free Inlet and Outlet Pipes6. V-Guard Victo 10 L Water Geyser – Free Inlet & Outlet Pipes4.0/5Check Price
Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater (3000 Watts, ISI Certified, 2 Years Warranty)7. Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater4.1/5Check Price

Technology has developed so far, and it is still developing, so as the features and functions of the geyser. And from immersion rods (although they are in the budget), here we are shifting to geysers.

Let’s not take most of your time, and move to the best water heater in India reviews.

1. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater
  • Model no– Flora IWH 3L
  • Capacity- 3 liters
  • Colour- White
  • Product dimensions- 26.5 Cms X 26.5 Cms X 44 Cms
  • Weight- 4.12 kg
  • Power- 4500W
  • Warranty- 2 years on product & 5 years on tank
  • Average customer reviews– 4 star

Special features

  • Bajaj Flora water heater has a capacity of 3 liters which is perfect for the family of 1-3 people. With that it has 8 bars that allow it to handle high pressure, hence, you do not have to worry about the issues like leakage.
  • The outer body of the best water heater in India is made of ABS plastic which is considered of high quality. and outer body materials also helps in preventing corrosion and rusting
  • To provide you protection against overpressure, overheating, and dry heating, it  has a multi safety system
  • Inner tank material is made of SS 304 which protect against corrosion


  • Provide protection against corrosion
  • Ideal for a small family
  • Durable as its outer material is made of ABS plastic
  • Protect against overheating, dry heating, and overpressure
  • Has 8 bars which prevent issues like leakage
  • Free installation by the brand
  • Has fire retarded cable
  • Has a neon indicator for “power on” and “heating”


  • Customer care service could be improved
  • Does not have an adjustable knob
  • Only offer covers for installation, you need to buy accessories

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2. Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Litre Water Heater with Flexi Pipe

Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Litre Water Heater with Flexi Pipe
  • Model no.- Adonia R
  • Capacity-  25 liters
  • Colour- White 
  • Product dimensions- 45.3 x 39.4 x 45.3 Centimeters
  • Weight- 12 kgs
  • Warranty- 7 years on product
  • Average customer rating- 4 star

Special features

If you are looking for the best water heater brand in India, then Havells is one of them. Though you might find its price a bit high I must say, it is worth buying.

Let’s have a look at its special features,

  • Has an indicator which changes its color from blue to amber when heat to the desired temperature
  • For trouble-free service in case of hard water, it has Feroglas™ technology 
  • Has a digital temperature indicator, that too with a feature of touch control, which no above product has
  • For additional durability, it has incoloy glass coating heating elements
  • Has whirl technology that protects the direct contact of hot and cold water flow this further ensures fast heating. Above mentioned water geyser does not possess this feature


  • Provide superior heating with the help of incloly coated heating element 
  • Resist corrosion and increase the lifespan
  • Has digital indicator
  • Has feather touch panel which reflects temperature between 250-degree celsius and 750-degree celsius 
  • Optimize energy saving which provides 20% more hot water
  • Whirl technology which prevents the meeting of the hot and cold water flow
  • Heats a large quantity of water
  • Have a safe shock plug
  • Has anode rod with a steel core that protects the enamel of the tank from corrosion


  • Customer service could be better
  • Energy consumption is high as most of the customers said. Also as of now, they have not mentioned the power consumption like in other geysers.
  • Price could be less
  • Even after claiming that heating is fast, some customer claims it is slow

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3. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater
  • Model no.- New Shakti GL
  • Capacity-  10 liters
  • Colour- White 
  • Product dimensions- 37.8 x 38.6 x 40.5 Centimeters 
  • Weight- 8.76 kgs
  • Power- 2000 watts
  • Warranty- 2 years on product
  • Average customer rating- 4 star
  • BEE star rating- 4 star

Special Features:

  • It has 8 bars which protect against high pressure, like many of the above-mentioned geysers
  • Inner tank material is made of mild steel and glass-lined coating which protect against rust and corrosion
  • The presence of magnesium in the inner tank prevent leakages
  • This water geyser has PUF insulation which traps the heat inside and provides you hot water
  • Includes a 4-in-1 safety multifunctional valve, for protection against, dry heating, overheating, and overpressure


  • Less energy consumption
  • Traps heat to provide you hot water hassle-free
  • Huge water capacity
  • Installation is free
  • Includes spiral heating elements, to heat up the water
  • Prevent leakage
  • No rust and corrosion
  • Protect against overheating, dry heating, and overpressure


  • Customer care service could be improved
  • Heating quality could be improved

Check Price On Amazon

At last, I would say, you can buy Crompton at less price with features like a knob, rust-proof, and more. Though it has the same features as Bajaj Flora, there is a difference in the capacity of both.

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4. AO Smith Storage 15 Litre Horizontal Water Heater

AO Smith HSE-HAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre Horizonatal Water Heater (Geyser)
  • Model no.- HSE-HAS-015
  • Capacity- 15 liters
  • Colour- White
  • Product dimensions- 32 cms X 49.2 cms X 32 cms
  • Weight- 12 kg
  • Power- 2000 Watts
  • Warranty- 7 years warranty on the inner tank, 2+2 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element, and 2 years of comprehensive warranty
  • Average customer rating- 4.5
  • BEE star rating- 4 star

Special features

  • Like Bajaj Flora and Crompton Arno, it has 8 bars that enable the best water heater in India to deal with high pressure
  • Has blue diamond glass-lined tank which provides 2 times protection against corrosion 
  • To prevent scale formation and to increase the life of the heating element, it has glass coated heating element
  • Advance PUF technology helps in power saving
  • Includes multi-functional safety valve


  • Saves power
  • Multi-functional safety valve
  • Provide 2 times of protection against corrosion
  • Prevent scale formation
  • Auto-shut, when it reaches the set temperature
  • Allow you to adjust the temperature
  • Has anode rod for long-lasting life
  • Has inlet water diffuser to water jet into the small streams
  • Ensure continuous heating
  • Sleek and compact design


  • Service areas are limited
  • Customer care service could be improved, which is problem with most of the brands
  • Customers claim that it creates noise

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So far, it includes similar features like Crompton like water holding capacity, corrosion protection. Both allow you to set the temperature. On the contrary, its price is more than Crompton, which gives it a disadvantage.

5. Crompton Arno Neo 4 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater

Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-2615 15LTR(2KW) 4 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater
  • Model no- SWH 15L(2615) Arno Neo, V MTG, Metal
  • Capacity-  15 liters
  • Colour- White
  • Product dimensions- 24 x 28.8 x 54.2 cm
  • Weight- 4.2 kgs
  • Power- 2000 watts
  • Warranty- 2 years warranty on heating element and product, 5 years warranty on tank
  • Average customer rating- 4.5 star
  • BEE star rating- 4 stars

Special Features

  • It has 8 bars like Bajaj Flora, with that it also has superior polymer coating and rust-proof body, this enables it to work for a long time
  • For safety, the best water geyser in India has 3 level advance safety
  • Tank material is made of ultra-thick superior cold rolled steel
  • Magnesium anode for the protection against corrosion
  • Has a safety valve which automatically relieves pressure and discharges the overpressure of the water
  • It also has rare polymer and copper heating element to ensure instant heating


  • Has an adjustable knob to set the temperature
  • Smooth body finish
  • Ideal for vertical mounting needs
  • Huge capacity to store water
  • Suitable for apartments and flats as it has 8 bars
  • To lessen the chances of the leakage, it has a single wield line
  • To protect the inner tank from corrosion, it has a heavy-duty anode rod
  • Has twin indicator to ensure effortless functioning 


  • Though, claimed it heats water faster, customer claim it does not
  • Customer care service could be improved
  • There might be charges for installation, unlike Bajaj Flora.

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6. V-Guard Victo 10 L Water Geyser – Free Pan India Installation with Free Inlet and Outlet Pipes

V-Guard Victo 10 L Water Geyser - Free Pan India Installation with Free Inlet and Outlet Pipes
  • Model no.- V-Guard Water Heater Victo 10 L
  • Capacity-  10 liters
  • Colour- White
  • Product dimensions- 25.6 x 53.5 x 25.6 Centimeters
  • Weight- 9.2 kgs
  • Warranty- 2 years on product warranty; 3 years warranty on heating elements and 5 years inner water tank warranty
  • Average customer rating- 4 star
  • BEE star rating- 4 star

Special Features 

  • Build for long-lasting use as its outer body is made of mild steel and anti-corrosion powder coating
  • The inner tank is made of thick gauge steel by using the single weld technology. Further, it is been coated with the superior glass-lined coating, hence no corrosion and safeguard against the adverse effects of water
  • The auto-off feature prevents overheating
  • A multi-functional valve keeps pressure under control to protect the heater from inner and outer factors
  • To prevent the inner tank from corrosion it has a magnesium sacrificial anode


  • No rusting and corrosion
  • Prevention against adverse effects of water 
  • Multi-functional valve keeps control under check
  • Ideal for high rise building
  • The auto-off feature prevents loss of energy and overheating
  • Temperature dial knob
  • A free installation like Bajaj


  • May not fit if your ceiling is low

Check Price On Amazon

If I have to compare it than at less price you can buy Crompton and Bajaj with much more good features. To add, if you are looking for a knob feature then Crompton would be the best option at a low price. 

7. Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater

Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater (3000 Watts, ISI Certified, 2 Years Warranty)
  • Model no.- LLWH106
  • Capacity-  3 liters
  • Colour- White
  • Product dimensions- 22.6 x 24.3 x 38.5 Centimeters 
  • Weight- 3.25 kgs
  • Power- 3000 watts
  • Warranty- 2 years on product
  • Average customer rating- 4 star
  • Certified- ISI certified

Special Features 

  • To handle the high pressure, it has 8 bars
  • To retain the inner heat and temperature it has high density and PUF
  • The outer body is made of thermostat for prevention against corrosion and rust
  • Provides you information about the heating and power on with a neon indicator
  • For heating is has copper heating elements


  • Saves energy and fewer bills
  • Has neon indicator
  • The thermoplastic body protects against rust and corrosion
  • ISI certified, which ensure safety
  • Cut-out ensure safety
  • Good for high-pressure building
  • Provide hot water instantly


  • Tank capacity is low
  • Could have include connection pipes
  • Customer care service could be improved

Check Price On Amazon

So far, it is providing you the best feature with ISI certification. Though, the capacity of the tank could be more.

You can not just go online or offline and buy any geyser, right?

Why I’m saying this?

Because there are many factors to consider before buying a geyser.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you with that.

We are aware of the importance of having geyser in your home rather than depending on a stove, and some kind of immersion rod. So, you have to understand everything that you need to check before buying the best water geyser for yourself.

But before that let’s check out the types of water geysers first.

Types of Water Geysers/Heaters

Here geysers are different on the bases of source of energy and bases on storage. 

Let’s start with the distinction between geyser based on the source of energy

1. Electric Water Heaters

As the name suggests, it uses electricity to provide hot water. It simply means it heats the water by converting the electricity into heat energy. For this, it uses heating elements, which enhance the temperature further. And you get hot water. 

Electric geysers are very popular because they do not need high maintenance and are easy to operate. Above all, it does not emit any dangerous carbon monoxide. You would love it more, as some of the electric water heaters have features like time delay, requirement temperature, and more. 

Hence, if you are living in a small apartment, and rented house, it would be the best option for you.

Now I’ll discuss the pros and cons of having a electric water heaters. And similarly for other types of water heaters/geysers.


  • Small in size, if compared to solar and gas heaters
  • Pocket friendly 
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Heats water instantly than other heaters
  • Has a long life
  • Ideal for home use, and can be used for commercial and residence use too


  • No electricity means no hot water
  • Limited temperature rise and flow rates due to wiring load capacity
  • High operating cost, then compared to the others
  • It would cost you more in electricity bill payment
  • Cheap quality water geyser has risk of danger while using it

2. Solar water geyser

It is the best choice if you live in an independent home, especially in tropical countries like India. And the best part is that it works by absorbing the heat from the rays of the sun with the help of roof-mounted solar panels. It works easily, the solar rays are converted into the heat. And further transferred to the water tank.

There you got hot water.

Therefore, no tension to waste money on electricity and gas. Though installation costs are high than other alternatives it will pay off in long term use of the same. Additionally, it is not the best option for tenants and apartments. 

If you are wondering, how it will work during monsoon and winter than the good news is that now some geyser works on the gas (will discuss) and electricity in case of emergency. 


  • Environmental friendly
  • Operational cost is less
  • As a backup, some geysers work on electricity and gas


  • The initial cost is high
  • Not suitable for tenants and apartments
  • Available in large capacities such as 100 liters
  • Not effective during winter and monsoon

3. Gas water heater

The gas water heater uses natural gas such as LPG or propane gas to provide hot water. If compared to the electric water heater, it heats the water instantly. Mostly, gas heaters have tanks or are tankless.

The kitchen is the best place to place the gas cylinder if not, then you should not place it in the bathroom because of safety. The sole reason behind this is that the cylinder emits carbon monoxide fumes, which need ventilation. 

The operating and maintenance cost of the gas water heater is low than electric water heaters. Though, the gas water heater needs space and needs a separate gas connection. And it could be harmful too if it is not made with high quality of materials. 


  • Electricity cuts do not affect it
  • Affordable and low maintenance than the electric water heater
  • No wastage of energy as it does not store water
  • Heat the water faster than the electric water heater
  • Unlimited supply of hot water as it does not store the water


  • Release the dangerous gas and carbon monoxide, should be place out of your family or in open place
  • Need space as it needs a separate gas connection
  • Complicated installation than the electric water heater

Further comes types of geyser based on storage.

4. Instant or tankless water heaters

Like storage geyser, instant water heaters do not have separate storage tanks. Though, the best part is that it provides you hot water whenever needed. As it starts heating the water as soon as you switch it on. 

Though, as the name suggests instant water heaters but can take a few minutes to heat the water based on the distance of the heater and tap. 


  • Need less space
  • Energy-efficient than other alternatives
  • Provide the hot water instantly
  • Ideal for kitchen and to wash hands
  • Perfect for small families


  • Expensive than other geysers
  • With initial cost, installation is tricky
  • Depending on the size of the family you might need more than one

5. Storage water heaters

Storage water heaters allow you to store the hot water for some time. When you switch it on, some amount of water is being heated by the heater, which depends on the capacity of the heater. If I have to talk about, how it maintains water temperature, then the thermostat helps in maintaining the temperature. 

Currently, stainless steel and copper are two types of water tanks are present in the market. If I have to compare both, then stainless steel water tanks are expensive though, has a high lifespan, and need less maintenance. On the other hand, copper tanks are more expensive but work better. 

You may also find a water tank of thermoplastic, it is lesser-known material although, it has way better non-corrosive feature if compared to copper.  


  • Operate with minimum maintenance 
  • Least expensive 


  • Encourage waste of energy as water has to reheated
  • Water remains hot for a certain period

Water Geyser/Heater Buying Guide

Now comes some of the factors you should consider before buying a water heater or geyser.

Here we go.

1. Energy consumption

Before buying any electric appliances, the first thing we consider is the consumption of energy. So, the energy used by the geysers to heat the water is measured in Watts. To check out the energy consumption, you can simply check out the energy star rating as it measures its energy efficiency.

Yes, you can rely on the star rating because it is given by the Burea of Energy Efficiency (BEE). To be noted, a higher star rating means low energy consumption. 

Then, comes other factors that you should consider under energy consumption.

  • Input water, the rate of heating depends on the temperature of the input water, which further affect the consumption of energy
  • The auto-off feature is the best feature a geyser could have, as it automatically shut off when reaching the desired temperature, that reduces the unwanted consumption of energy
  • If you need a large quantity of water, the consumption of energy would be high, simply it depends on the purpose of water
  • The heat retention feature lessens the energy consumption
  • Last, the thermostat setting, it allows you to set the temperature, that also maintains the auto on or off feature

2. Size and Capacity

Size and capacity depend on factors like usage, number of family members, purpose, and other use. As the capacity of the geyser helps in saving energy but it also provides the required water needed.

Then, comes the irritation and annoyance, when someone else uses your hot water, while you have to wait to get it hot again. Neither it is suggested to store the water as it will waste energy. 

You can relate, don’t you?

For instance, if you have a large family you can simply buy a water heater with high capacity and geyser which provide you hot water for a long time. On the contrary, if you have a small, why to waste money on a geyser with high capacity, you can have a small size geyser. 

To help you out, here I’m mentioning the requirement of water by a average person.

  • Ordinary bathing buckets use- 10-15 liters
  • Shower bath- 20-15 liters
  • Bathtub- 35-40 liters
  • Washing clothes- 10 liters
  • Washing utensils- 5 liters
Number of PersonPurposeGeyser Types & Capacity
1-3 personBathing-BucketInstant: 3-4 liters
Storage: 10-15 liters
1-3 person Bathing-ShowerInstant: 5 liters
Storage: 15-25 liters
1-3 personKitchen useInstant: 1-3 liters
Storage: +5 liters
4-8 personBathing-BucketInstant: 5-6 liters
Storage: 25 liters
4-8 personBathing-ShowerInstant: +6 liters
Storage: +25 liters
4-8 personKitchen useInstant: +3 liters
Storage: 10 liters

3. Pressure

The pressure is one of the major factors to consider. For instance, if you live in a flat or multi-storied high building. In that case, high-pressure pumps are being used to ensure that water reaches every flat. 

It is making sense, isn’t it?

But there comes a catch, if the pressure inside the geyser is too high, then it might result in problems such as leakage. As the pressure of the geyser depends on the water flow rate from tape and expansion of water inside while heating. 

Specifically, this water is calculated in bars. Hence, the water heater with 6 bars can handle high water pressure. If not, then high pressure can lead to burst and leakage of the water tank. 

Though, currently, geysers have a safety valve that depressurizes the water inside the tank by releasing some quantity of water. To resist high pressure, a glass-lined coated inner tank is better. 

4. Heating element

As a tank material, the heating element is also essential. To be specific, some water heaters have copper heating elements with a coating that prevents corrosion. On the other hand, some have glass-coated on incology heating elements, these are expensive but are the best choice to prevent corrosion. Above all, it works for 4 years with a hard water source. 

At last, there are glass-coated copper heating elements. These are not so expensive, however, it works quite good. Also, it lasts for 2 years and with hard water sources. 

5. Insulation

Geysers are wrapped in heat insulation which lessens the consumption of energy. Not only this, but insulation also has other benefits too. First, it helps in speeding up the process of healing. Second, it also helps in maintaining the operating temperature. 

In simple words, thick insulation means less loss of heat. 

You would find a distinct insulation rating. Although, for the more effective results you are free to augment some more layers of additional insulation outside of the heater. 

Commonly, most of the geyser insulation is made of fiberglass wood which is fixed with straps or trap. To add, when the burner is being used, insulation must block the outflow and airflow of combustion gas.  

Currently, the latest geysers have polyurethane foam (PUF) which is better than glass wood. As it retains the temperature of the water for a long period. In short, your money and energy, both are saved.

6. Anti-scale and Anti-corrosive

Before buying a geyser, you should consider whether your geyser’s water tank has an anti-scale and anti-corrosive lining or not. Though, before this, you need to check whether your water is hard or soft.

As the quality of water in some parts of India is bad, to add, hard water can corrode and builds calcium scales in the water tank which results in damaging the efficiency of heating. Also, you might have to change the water heater once a year. 

Some of the anti-corrosive materials are porcelain enamel glass, blue silicone enamel, vitreous enamel, titanium, and more.

Further comes, steel-based and glass coating ensure less corrosive, good insulation, and keep the original surface for a longer period. In addition, to keep corrosive at bay, magnesium rods are placed at the center.

Also for more safety and damage, you can use a water softener, this will convert the hard water into soft.

7. Auto-off feature 

As I mentioned above, the auto-off feature is the best feature to lessen the consumption of energy. Not only this, but it is also perfect for the people who are busy and forget to shut it off.  

8. Ratings 

As I said, buy a water heater with more start rating, as more the rating less consumption of the energy will be. To add, all the water heaters are marked by BEE.

To be specific, a 5-star rating means more energy efficiency and less energy consumption. It goes down, as the star rating decreases. Hence, always buy an electric appliance with at least 4 and high star ratings. 

9. Wattage

This specifically applies to electric heaters, usually, an electric heater uses 1500 to 2000 watts of power. With that, some brands work up to 3000 watts to heat up the water shortly. To be noted, a geyser that has a high water flow will use more power than a water heater with less water flow. 

10. Material used

Only focusing on the inner material of the water heater is not enough, you also have to consider outer material before buying the water heater. Particularly, the outer layer of the water heater is made of plastic. However, you should buy a water heater which is made of ABS plastic, as it is considered sturdy. 

11. Mount

If I talk about the most commonly used water heater, then the vertical water heater is the answer. While you can buy a horizontal water heater, which is also known as an H-shaped water heater, as these are new in the market as well as these are suitable for the attics, low ceiling, and false ceiling.

If you are going for a vertical water heater, make sure that your washroom and kitchen have 2 feet or enough space. 

12. Expenditure

Certainly, the expense or availability of money is going to affect the choice of a water geyser. If you have a low budget you can buy entry-level models. If not, you can go for top-notch water heaters.

13. Durability and maintenance

Durability simply represents the ability of the geyser to work in unpleasant conditions. On a positive side, the durability lasts long without any internal and external damage. 

If I talk about geyser, then it depends on the usage and type of geyser. So, if you keep your geyser in good working condition, you have to clean the tank at least once a week. This will prevent rusting.

14. Warranty

Like any household commodity, the warranty of the geyser is also crucial. Mostly, high brand water heaters come with a warranty of 4-5 years on the tank and 2-3 on other parts. 

Therefore, in case your geyser won’t work you can easily replace it and get it to repair, for free. 

15. After-sales services

Here it comes, the most important aspect, so I would advise you to buy it from a reputed brand as these offer good after-sales services, like repair and replacement in case of damage. 

I believe this is the most important point for any product you are going to buy. Always, always check the customer service, nearby service center, etc.

16. Some additional features 

It is always best to look out for some additional features such as an adjustable knob, elegant design, and more as these will make your bath comfortable. As our body can not tolerate high water temperature, right? So, an temperature adjustable knob would be the best additional feature your geyser could have, isn’t it? 

Hence, no need to mix the hot and cold water and hence, less consumption of energy.  

Safety Features a Water Geyser Should Have

  • Shut-off the geyser, when you are not using it. It will prevent the loss of heat. For this, you can also buy a geyser with an auto-off feature
  • If you are thinking of buying a gas water heater than I would advise you to install it with the leakage proof pipe. As typically, a gas geyser emits dangerous carbon monoxide 
  • For the ideal durability and whether the geyser is being tested or not, you should buy a geyser which is certified by the BIS or ISI
  • Buy a water heater with a safety valve, this will release the excess pressure 
  • Never use hot water directly from the geyser. As the water at high temperature is harmful to the skin
  • To prevent your bathroom from the damage, you should use an exhaust fan when the geyser is working. As hot water will produce mold due to moisture
  • Read all the guides, manuals, safety precautions that you get with the water geyser because they might have some specific precautions for their products.

How Can I Choose the Best Geyser in India?

  • At the time of purchasing a geyser, always check the manufacturers’ warranty information
  • Check the BEE star rating, fire retarded cable, and auto on or off
  • Ensure whether the geyser is ISI or BIS certified or not
  • If you are buying a geyser for home, do not go with a copper tank as it can not withstand the high pressure 
  • Hire a professional for installation of the geyser 
  • Buy an instant water heater, if you need water instantly
  • Buy a geyser with low maintenance cost
  • During winter, the need for hot water increases, hence buy a geyser with high capacity
  • If you live in a building, apartment, and high rise building buy a geyser which can handle the high water pressure
  • If you are buying a gas geyser with LPG always place it outside the bathroom and should use the quality of pipes to prevent leakage. On the other hand, for a gas heater with carbon monoxide, you should ensure to have ideal ventilation
  • Buy a geyser which auto-off feature at the temperature of 60-degree Celsius, otherwise it can result in outburst and pressure build-up
  • Ensure your geyser should have a safety valve to release the excessive pressure and temperature
  • For home electric geyser and for the commercial place, gas geyser are the best options
  • Always buy the latest model and before buying check energy consumption
  • Buy geyser of ideal size, not big as it will consume more electricity and a geyser with low size hot water ideally
  • Check out the after-sales services of the brand too

Precaution to be Taken While Using the Geyser

  • When not in use switch off the geyser as it will result in loss of heat. For this, you can buy a geyser with auto shut feature
  • Children should remain away from the geyser, at it might burn them
  • Prevent using hot water directly from the geyser as water at high-temperature could be harmful to the skin. Hence, always mix water to lessen the temperature
  • While using the electric geyser in the bathroom, don’t use other electric appliance
  • A gas heater with LPG should be used with ideal pipes, and gas heater with carbon monoxide should be used after proper ventilation
  • To avoid unwanted consumption of the electricity you should flush out the sediment build up regularly
  • While using a geyser, use an exhaust fan to prevent the formation of mold 
  • For durability and stability buy a geyser with ISI or BIS certification

Some Top Water Heater Brands in India

In the Indian market, you will have tons of brands claiming their brand is best, but to ensure you are buying the right one. I’m here mentioning some of the best water heater brands in India.

1. Havells Geysers

  • As you have read, Havells offer geyser with the most advanced technology like touch technology, Feroglas™ technology, whirl technology, and more that make your bathing experience amazing and comfortable
  • Not only this, but Havells also deals in many other electric appliances too such as air cooler, water purifier, etc
  • Specifically, if I talk about the geyser, then Havells provide you remote control and an led indicator 
  • The Incoloy glass coating heating element of Havells provides high quality of heating performance. Along with this, it also provides protection against oxidation and carbonization at high temperature
  • It is made of ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates which ensure long-lasting life 
  • The Havells has a service center across India. And also provide storage and gas heaters both

2. Crompton Geyser

  • It is one of the oldest brands of India, operating in electrical appliances. And the best part is that it is famous for its product’s durability, performance, and quality
  • It has a fusible plug which prevents the situation from over-current
  • It also includes a knob which allows you to set the temperature like other
  • Additionally, it also has an auto-on or off feature which prevents overheating
  • Though Crompton is a trusted brand, there is still scope for development in the area of water heaters. But the best part is that it has a wide range of service centers 

3. Bajaj Geysers

  • Bajaj also falls under the category of the best geyser brand in India. Along with a water heater, it also provides a range of food processors, bulbs, irons, and more.
  • Bajaj is providing good quality of water heater at a reasonable price and with good features
  • Above all, it is providing the free installation which makes it an ideal choice
  • The geyser of Bajaj withstand high pressure and the outer body prevents rusting
  • For the protection against overheating, overpressure, and dry heating as it has a multi safety system
  • Not only this, but it also has a neon indicator for heating and power on
  • Some Bajaj geyser also has a child lock and power cut off timer for the safety of the child
  • With that gas water heater of the Bajaj does not form unnecessary gas. And the water heater of Bajaj has features like anti-freeze feature, remote control, etc

4. AO Smith Geysers

  • AO Smith is a well-known brand recognized for water heater in India. Though, it is an American Based Company but is quite famous in the Indian market too. It works in 50 countries and without any doubt, it is a worldwide recognized geyser company
  • AO Smith deals in an instant and storage water heaters
  • To prevent corrosion and rusting, some of the AO Smith geysers have blue glass coating. It also provides protection against hard water
  • AO Smith geysers also withstand high-pressure situations. For this, the inner tank has blue diamond technology is being used
  • Some geysers have a digital display and remote control which even reflect the consumption of energy
  • If you are an environment lover, then it would be your best choice as it also has Air2Heat Heater to create heat from the environment. Simply, it works reverse of the refrigerator. This advance heater could save 50%-60% of energy

FAQs On Water Geyser

Which brand water heater is best in India?

Havells is the best water heater brand in India as it offers advanced technology such as whirl technology, touch technology, etc which make your bathing experience comfortable.

What is the price of a water heater in India?

The price of good water heater in India usually starts from 3000 Rs.

Which geyser is the best Gas or electric?

Both have their shortcoming and benefits. As gas geyser can work irrespective of the availability of electricity. Though, it needs more space, unlike electric geyser. And if you are looking for pocket-friendly than a gas geyser would be your choice.

Is 3 Litre geyser enough for bathroom?

The 3 liters geyser is ideal for a family of 1-3 people. Though, the capacity of geyser depends on the purpose, members, and more.


At last, the geyser is a useful electric appliance though, you have to be careful and follow the safety measures. To add, the geyser is the safest electric appliance than a water heater immersion rod as its use can be very dangerous. Especially, if you have kids. 

No doubt, if the geyser is not used ideally it could be harmful too. But you can say that it is a better option than heating water on a gas stove, or using an immersion rod, isn’t it?

So, which among the 7 best water heater or geyser in India would be your choice? Please let me know in the comments below.

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