How Many Refrigerators and Washing Machines Gets Repaired in One Day in Bangalore?

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Written by Deepika Kaushik

The number of washing machines and refrigerators would depend on how many service centers of a particular brand are available there.

Likewise, we are aware, the high number of worker would be able to repair more number of the washing machine in a day. 

Further, not only the number of the service centers or workers but their efficiency and effectiveness of work also varies.

So, it is tough to conclude the number of washing machines and refrigerator repaired in a day in Bangalore.

Yet, according to the Economic Times, more than 70,000 refrigerators and more than 30,000 washing machines and microwave ovens have been left unrepaired across India during COVID-19.

The data does not end here. Even there are more than 5 million mobile phones that are left for servicing during the first phase of lockdown.

However, once we have enough specific data, it will be mentioned here.

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