Washing Machine Buying Guide in India!

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Washing Machine Buying Guide, Size & Types of Machine Washing

For women, the washing machine is an essential electric appliance like any other kitchen appliance. Because it rescues you from your busy lifestyle, which is spending the day in completing household chaos. It is a more big issue for the woman who works, as you have to take care of her family and at the same time, you have to work. 

As being a working woman means even on holiday you have to work which might include washing the clothes. 

Come on ladies, you need a break from your busy schedule to rest for a while.

But the question arises, which is how to buy a washing machine? 

Though the choice is all yours, let me tell you, you need to consider some factors to buy the washing machine. So, here to help you out, I’m mentioning the washing machine buying guide in India.

Before buying the best washing machine, here what you have to do. First you need to understand the types of washing machine.

Types of Washing Machine in India

Types of the washing machine are the first thing to consider before buying a washing machine. This will allow you to choose the washing machine according to your needs. 

Let’s have a look at the types of the washing machine in India.  

1. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

As the name suggests, it works automatically just with a touch. It is completely advanced and improved as well as it has a single tub feature that acts as a washer, dryer, and the same can also be used to rinse clothes. 

That simply means you do not have to switch the compartment manually. 

You can either buy a front-loaded or top-loaded automatic washing machine. Though, if you are ready to spend handsome money only then consider it an option because these are expensive if compared with other washing machines. 

To be noted, the general program and substantial of the washing machine could differ according to the brand.

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2. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 

As the name implies, a semi-automatic washing machine only completes half of the work. Further, you need to intervene to transfer the clothes from one tub to another. 

It is the most common type of washing machine in India. The sole reason behind this is that these are budget-friendly. Unlike an automatic washing machine, the benefit of having a semi-automatic washing machine is that it does not need a consistent water supply, though you have to fill the tub of the washing machine.

With that, you can also choose to buy a washing machine with two distinct tubs that allow you to wash and dry clothes separately. Along with this, it also has come in the top-loading type. 

3. Top-loading Washing Machine 

It is easy to use while washing clothes because it does not need you to bend over to load and discharge the laundry. And these features make it perfect for people with joint issues because this washing machine stands at a particular height. 

Though, as everything has its shortcoming, here top-loading does not allow you to add clothes into the machine in the mid-cycle. 

To be precise, the top-loading washing machine is of two types, one with an agitator and another without agitator. Earlier one creates motion as it shakes and forces the water. As a result, the washing machine vibrates. This helps in instant washing of clothes. 

On the other hand, the top-loading washing machine without an agitator is known for better cleaning as well as cleans more clothes without using lots of water. 

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4. Front-load Washing Machine 

front loading washing machine buying guide

If compared to the top-load washing machine, front load washing machine is gentle on clothes.

As the front-load washing machine lacks an agitator which makes it spacious. Additionally, unlike the top-load washing machine, it consumes less energy because it lessens the cycle require to clean clothes. 

It is not only energy efficient but uses less water if compared to the top-loading washing machine because the front-load washing machine lacks an agitator. 

Hereafter you read the types of washing machines under how to buy a washing machine enable you to make a choice. Next, I will focus on the washing machine buying guide in India, this would include topics like features, capacity, spin speed, and more.

Additionally, you can buy a automatic front-load washing machine for blankets. As blankets are really heavy, so it would be better to consider front load washing machine for heavy usage all the time.

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Standard Size of Washing Machine in Feet

The standard size of the washing machine in feet depends on the type of washing machine. Also, determined by the manufacturer. Though, few front-load washing machines are made depending on the standards of the kitchen cabinet and may have an in-built option.

Washing Machine TypesWidthHeight Depth
Top load washing machine

44.5-71.1 cm76.2-11 cm43.8-70.2 cm
Front-load washing machine59.7-73.7 cm83.5-104.4 cm50.8-86.4 cm

Washing Machine Buying Guide in India

Washing Machine Buying Guide in India
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Now comes the most important part i.e how to buy a washing machine? What are the factors to consider before purchasing a washing machine?

Let’s start with the features to consider before buying a washing machine.

1. The capacity of Washing Machine 

The capacity of the washing machine is an essential factor to consider, isn’t it? Like what would a family of 2 people need a washing machine of 8 kg, when a washing machine of 5-6 kg would be enough. 

Likewise, the washing machine capacity for 4 people is 7-8 kg. As a machine more then this would not be appropriate. Also, the right capacity for washing is essential because it will consume water and electricity. 

No. of PeopleWashing Machine Capacity
1-2 people5-6 kg
3 people6-7 kg
4 people7-8 kg
More than 4 peopleMore than 8 kg

2. Water Efficiency

To wash clothes, you need water. But the main thing to consider is the water efficiency of the washing machine. Hence, you need to choose a water machine which saves your water bill and something which saves the water too. 

So, if you are looking for a water-efficient washing machine then a front-load washing machine would be a better choice than a top-load washing machine. Because the front-loaded washing machine comes with a built-in system that detects the adequate amount of water needed to wash the clothes. 

However, a top-load washing machine lacks this feature, and end up using more water than a front-load washing machine. 

3. The Temperature Control

After discussing the water efficiency, I guess considering temperature control is also essential. As regular water temperature can not clean all the stains which consist of bacteria, germs, and even blood stains.

Hence, to clean different types of stains you need a distinct water temperature that will eliminate all the germs, viruses, and bacteria from the clothes. Here you have 3 types of temperature control.

  • Hot wash: This will allow you to eradicate the tougher stains such as bacteria, viruses, and other stains. The temperature of the hot wash is 60 degree Celsius
  • Warm wash: This temperature is perfect to eliminate body fluids like sweat. The range of warm wash is 40 degree Celsius 
  • Cold wash: The temperature of the cold wash is 30 degree Celsius and below, and it is ideal to pull out the dust or soil 

4. Energy Efficiency

Here comes another crucial factor to consider while buying the washing machine. Particularly, the front-load washing machine is energy-efficient if compared to a top-load washing machine.

If you are thinking about the reason, then the reason behind consuming less energy is that front-load washing machines come with larger load capacity naturally. Additionally, if your washing machine has Energy Star Rating then it will use 30% less energy.

Even high spin speed conserve the electricity, hence always choose a washing machine with high spin speed. That brings me to the next point i.e spin speed.

5. The Spin Speed

You should always go for the washing machine with spin speed. As the spin cycle is measured in terms of Revolution Per Minutes (RPM) so for quick rotation, you need high RPM. 

Generally, the spin speed of the washing machine should be 400RPM-1800RPM. The best part is that high spin allows you to conserve the more electricity as it won’t take time to dry the clothes. 

6. The Washing Program

You must be aware that different washing machine comes with varied washing program according to your needs. Here to help you out, 

  • Daily wash: If you wash your clothes and inner clothes regularly, you can choose a machine with this program. The benefit of having this program is that it will use less water and less time to clean the clothes
  • Pre-soak wash: This program is perfect for clothes with tough stains. To clean the stains, it does not directly wash the clothes but it will soak the clothes first and later agitate the clothes
  • Quick wash: Almost all the completely automatic machines consist of this program. As the name suggests, it will wash your clothes instantly in the less possible time. To be specific, it will clean your clothes in just 30 minutes. Although, you can use wash restricted clothes with a quick wash program

7. Technologies for Washing Machine 

How to buy washing Washing Machine

So far, under the washing machine buying guide in India, you get to know about the capacity, washing program, spin speed, and more. Now let’s have a look at the varied technologies available for the washing machine. 

  • Direct Technology 

You will find this technology in modern washing machines. This technology eradicates the involvement of essential parts such as gears and belts in a movable state as these can result in heavy friction. That further, affect the efficiency of the motor of the washing machine.

In simple words, it eradicates the use of all the parts that lessen frictional problems. Also, it saves electricity because it enhances motor efficiency. And, it creates less noise. 

Though, the motor which uses direct technology is heftier when compared to conventional engines ( use in the traditional washing machine). 

  • Soaking Technology 

Soaking technology improves your experience and is an important factor to consider. For instance, to eliminate the dirt from the clothes some washing machines come with bubble soaking technology. 

The main purpose is to eliminate the residue and bacteria from detergent and clothes, respectively. To add, some washing machine comes with a feature that enhances the efficiency of the detergent. 

  • The Innovative Drum Technology 

The washtub is an essential part of the washing machine. That makes it important to check the mechanism of the washing machine before buying one. So, if you are looking forward to buying a washing machine which does no damage to the fabric of clothes and to provide quality of wash every time, you need to check out the design of the drum.

The design of the drum could be different depending on the manufacturer, which is to create variety for the customer. Well, if I have to give an example, then you can buy a washing machine with a diamond drum that is a modern drum, which is perfect for the thorough cleaning of the clothes. With that, it also prevents the fabric from sticking on the walls of the washtub. 

Next, you can go for the Vario drum, which is also a modern drum, like a diamond drum. To clean the clothes effectively, this drum allows you to change the direction of the spinning. This would allow it to remove the tough stains. To add, mostly fully automatic washing machines consist of this technology. 

With the design of the drum, you also have to consider the material of the drum or tub. There, the drum of the tub is made of plastic, porcelain-enamel, and stainless steel. To be noted, plastic and porcelain-enamel are cheap, non-durable, and the chances of corrosion are high. 

On the other hand, stainless steel drum or tub is durable, can withstand high spinning, and prevent corrosion. 

  • Inverter Technology 

It is the best technology in the washing machine industry because it saves electricity in a way better way than when you need to use the motor. 

Typically, a regular washing machine will only work on a particular load and will work effectively if that is available. Though, a washing machine with inverter technology works a little differently. 

As it works on the load which changes according to the loads of the clothes. With that, this technology has a unique circuit that regulates the speed of the motor again depending on the size of loads of clothes. 

Altogether, this technology helps in conserving the energy because it changes the loads timely.  

8. Fuzzy Logic 

This feature allows you to choose the best washing condition according to the quantity of the clothes here comes, how does it work? 

Well, it determines the weight of the laundry, depending on which it analyze the quantity of water, detergent, and duration of washing needed. 

Therefore, all you have to do is to load the washing machine with clothes.

9. Customer Service

I personally believe this point can not be neglected. Always choose a brand which offers great customer service. Post sale service should be better. I have really good experience with the brands like Samsung, and LG. Rest is up to you.


So far, you can simply consider the above-mentioned washing machine buying guide in India to choose the best washing machine for you. To add, buy a washing machine which uses less energy and less water, hence, save your bill.

If you have additional factors that one should consider, let us know in the comments below.

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