What Precautions to Follow if We Do Not Use the Washing Machine for Four Months?

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Written by Deepika Kaushik

What Precautions to Follow if We Do Not Use the Washing Machine for Four Months?

Here are some of the things, you can follow to take care of your washing machine,

  • The first thing, you should do is to ask the manufacture to do the maintenance service of the washing machine ideally
  • Make sure your washing machine is dry else moisture can be the reason for the musty smell. Especially, when you did not use it for four months
  • If you have washed greasy and dirty clothes, don’t forget to clean the walls of the machine or tub with the help of a damp cloth this will help in removing the slimy build-up
  • Ensure to remove the detergent build-up, grease, and dirt from the pump, tub, dispenser, and water pipes of the washing machine
  • Make sure your machine is not rusting from inside out. It could be the dispenser, tub, etc
  • Make sure to unplug the washing machine throughout the period when not using it because light fluctuations can be the cause of damage
  • Keep it out of the reach of babies or pets, as they can climb on the same. It could be dangerous for the baby or pet and also damage the machine
  • If you notice that your machine is damaged, hire a professional to repair it, instead of doing it yourself
  • Avert overloading the washing machine, it can result in overheating
  • If you notice the damaged plug, replace it before using the machine
  • Make sure the plug of the washing machine can easily reach the socket
  • Don’t rub or wash the clothes, when using the machine or plugged in, it can give you electric shocks
  • Water should not be around the washing machine when it is working. It could again result in electric shocks
  • Place the cord extension where water splashing or ingression can not reach
  • After each cycle, remove the lint from the dryer, else, it can clog the filter of the same and can limit the flow of air. That will heat up the dryer
  • Check the hoses of the washing machine before using it
  • Transfer the clean clothes to the dryer as soon as possible because it can be the cause of development of mold and mildew

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